ABOUT MELANOIR [meh-lah-nor]

Rebranded in 2015 - an independent alternative clothing line handmade in Boston, MA. Created and run by Mulan Duong. My designs are heavily influenced by gothic elements and the darker side of beauty. I believe clothing is a language all of its own and it represents the undefinable. I enjoy combining multiple looks into my pieces - dark, mysterious, elegant and empowering.


Hi! I'm Mulan. I'm a self taught designer based out of Boston, MA. I started fashion designing in 2012 as another creative outlet outside of modeling. I have always been fascinated by the looks and personalities that are shown through darker fashion. Currently I am the only one behind the sewing, networking, most of the modeling, photographing, editing, shipping, etc. of Melanoir. I am a one woman show and I'm always studying on how I can improve my art. I put myself wholeheartedly into each design and I thrive on creating complimentary pieces that is wearable for everyone, for all shapes and sizes. It's been an incredible journey being able to explore my creative outlet and I want to share that with my viewers.